I started doing commercial photography in the late 1960s. I learned many valuable lessons while working at the preeminent commercial studio in northeastern Wisconsin. One partner had graduated from RIT, the other from the Navel Photography School. Two different approaches, but lots of knowledge and insight. And I was their sole student.

I’ve always felt I should return the favor. This blog is an attempt to do just that in the digital age.

Come back from time-to-time, peruse my articles, make a comment, ask a question.



The image at the top of the page is the Chicago River east of the Michigan Ave Bridge. The colors are lights and reflected morning sun from buildings along the river and Michigan Ave. This is kind of a tribute. The first time I saw the Chicago river being turned green for St Patricks Day was from a conference room at an Ad Agency. Shortly after I say the kelly green moving toward the locks, a VP at the agency reminded me “David, the job of your picture is to stop them from turning the page. If it does that, then its up to the copy writer’s headline and body to keep them interested.”

I can’t think of better advice for a photographer.


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